Chronic Illness


The Center for Disease Control and prevention reported last year that 133 Americans suffer from one type of chronic illness (CI). That means that 1 out of 2 adults will be diagnosed with (CI) and will be in a situation where they will have to learn to manage the stress, depression anxiety and day to day issues related to their disease. Chronic is one of the most difficult events, not only in an individual’s life, but the life of the loved ones in their life.  Chronic illness triggers anxiety, stress, and depression as well as awakens questions about our life path and future.

Noosha Daha, LMFT has been working with chronically ill and medically compromised individuals for over 15 years. Her extensive experience, serving in hospitals throughout the Los Angeles area has been instrumental allowing Noosha to work with this very special population. To request an appointment for a complimentary consultation, please contact Oaks Counseling Center today