According to The Institute of Health, 57.7 million Americans suffer from depression. Depression can be a response to a recent life event but can also have been a persistent feeling of sadness lasting several years. There are many reasons one experiences depression. Some examples could be one or more of the following:

 Loss of a loved one to death

Loss of a relationship through divorce or breakup

Loss of a job or home

A traumatic event

Child birth (post-partum depression)

Medical issues such as a loss of physical ability or a recent medical diagnosis

Substance use

Genetic pre-disposition

Almost everyone experienced depression to varying degrees in their lifetime. However if depression continues for a period of time without proper attention, it's symptoms can negatively affect the quality of our life. Although depression, is challenging, it is our minds way of alerting us that there are issues that we need to attend to. In many cases, depression is a wake-up call that something in our life is not working for us. and changes have to be made in the way we think, feel and behave. The sooner we address these issues, the sooner we become mindful of the tools available that can help us overcome our depression. Some of the symptoms of depression include:

A feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness

Loss of energy and feeling tired all the time

Not having interest in people or activities that you once enjoyed.

Too much or too little sleep

Thoughts of death and suicide

Isolating from loved ones

The good news is that depression is a treatable condition. If your depression has continued for over two weeks it is recommended that you contact a professional for an evaluation. It is important for you to work with your healthcare professional to assess what is in your best interest. There are many different treatment options for you to choose from. Individual or group therapy work as a very effective form of treatment for depression. Some people will choose to consult with a psychiatrist to determine if medication would be option that is right for you. Studies have shown that a combination of both medication and therapy can be the most effective treatment for the symptoms of depression. It’s important that you work with your healthcare provider in partnership to determine the best course of treatment you.

Noosha Daha, LMFT has worked with clients suffering from depression for over 15 years in both individual and group settings.  Noosha will work with you as a partner in formulating the most effective plan of care. If you feel that you suffer from depression, don’t wait for change to happen on its own. Be an active participant and take control of your life. You can contact Oaks Counseling Center to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.