Whether you are married, engaged, in a domestic partnership or just dating, intimate relationships will   inevitably have conflict. At times, conflicts escalate to a level that an objective mediator is necessary to help guide the couple to a happier more satisfying relationship. Couple can find themselves struggling with the following issues:


Financial difficulty

Changes in family structure (having a child, changing jobs)

Divorce, Growing apart/ loss of ‘love’,

Sexual issues

 These are just some of the many problems couples face during their relationships. Many times, couples have tried other methods of resolving their issues and the decision to come to therapy may be the last resort. The therapist’s interpretation of issues may offer the couple a new perspective, which can facilitate a positive change in feelings and behaviors. Couples can learn alternative ways to cope and resolve their problems by learning more effective communication skills. Couples therapy typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half. This duration depends on the specific needs of the couple. Together with your therapist, you will work in partnership to develop your goals for therapy. Noosha Daha, LMFT has been working with couples for over 15 years. If you and your significant other are experiencing problems which have been difficult to resolve, contact Oaks Counseling Center and schedule a complimentary consultation.